Programs at MedSource


MedSource runs “Alternative living units” (ALU) which means a residence that provides residential services for individuals who, because of developmental disability, require specialized living arrangements.  These homes admit not more than three individuals and provides 10 or more hours of supervision per unit, per week.


MedSource also runs “Group homes” which is a residence owned, leased, or operated MedSource which provides residential services for individuals who, because of a developmental disability, require specialized living arrangements and admits at least four, but not more than eight individuals and provides 10 or more hours of supervision per week.


Another option is “Personal Supports” assistance services – Supports that enhance the individual’s opportunity for community participation and to exercise choice and control over the individual’s own life, training and other services necessary to assist the individual in achieving and maintaining increased integration, interdependence, and productivity, 24-hour emergency assistance, assistive technology, adaptive equipment, resource coordination, environmental modifications, respite services and other services as approved by the Secretary or the Secretary’s designee.

Personal supports include, but are not limited to:
1. Hands-on assistance, prompting, and cuing that enables the waiver participant to use assistive technology or accomplish tasks they are unable to perform independently due to a physical disability including assistance with activities of daily living, including:
a) Bathing and completing personal hygiene routines;
b) Toileting, including bladder and bowel requirements, bed pan routines, routines associated with the achievement or maintenance of continence, incontinence care, and movement to and from the bathroom;
c) Mobility, including transferring from a bed, chair, or other structure and moving about indoors and outdoors;
d) Moving, turning, and positioning the body while in bed or in a wheelchair;
e) Eating and preparing meals;
f) Dressing and changing clothes;
g) Light housework including laundry for participant unable to complete task; and
h) Preventive maintenance and cleaning of adaptive devices.
2. Support, supervision, and training may be provided in such activities as:
a) Housekeeping;
b) Menu planning, food shopping, meal preparation, and eating; and
c) Personal care and assistance with hygiene and grooming.
3. Supports to implement behavior plan strategies and at home therapies as prescribed by a professional.
4. Nursing consultation.
5. Nursing delegation including supervision and training consistent with the Maryland Nurse Practice Act and COMAR 10.27.11 based on preauthorization.

MedSource also supports “Individual Support Services or (ISS).”  The services are flexible and dynamic to meet the needs of individuals or families desiring specific areas of support and for those who have changing needs and are readily adaptable to the changing needs of the individual.  The flexibility inherent in ISS lends itself to creative and innovative ways of supporting individuals and their families. ISS covers a wide array of supports in the life of an individual by making use of resources available in the community while, at the same time, building on the individual’s existing support network.  Supports are the assistance provided to the individual to enable participation in the community. Supports are integral to each individual or family’s quality of life and often enhance the lives of those involved. ISS may include, but are not limited to, supports involving:

  • Budgeting
  • Medication administration
  • Counseling
  • Job coaching
  •  Helping an individual to access and complete the individual’s education
  •  Participating in recreational and social activities
  •  Accessing community services
  • Grocery shopping
  • Respite, behavioral, and other services and supports needed by the family of the individual
  • Developing relationships.

The individual’s plan determines the amount of staff time, pattern of supports, and type of staff training needed to support each individual or family. MedSource ensures that staff have the necessary skills to carry out the individual’s plan and receive training in accordance with COMAR. MedSource provides ISS within the context of each individual or family’s life style in the least intrusive manner possible and strives to be consistent with each individual’s IP.


And last, but by no means least, MedSource provides “Fiscal management services (FMS)” which means a person approved by the Administration and designated as an Organized Health Care Delivery System under COMAR that:

  • Assists individuals and families in managing their funds and paying for services
  • Is responsible for submitting financial reports to the individual and Administration

MedSource participates as an FMS with DDA’s Self Directed Services program.